The CryptoBrickie Collection

CryptoBrickies, or “Brickies” for short, are pop art re-imaginings of plastic building toys in the form of public figures, celebrities and fictional characters. Ultimately, they are portraits where the artist aims to choose subjects which will never be made into real-life toys.

The Brickies are child-like and innocent blank canvases. Their extreme stylisation forces me to focus on only what matters to capture the subject.

The challenge (and enjoyment) for me is capturing the likeness of a subject in only a few lines and shapes. Just like the toys though, there are infinite possibilities and fresh new takes.

The full collection is available on the OpenSea marketplace HERE.

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Brickie Style

The brickies are generally presented in two different styles (with a few special editions and ensembles).

Brickie Portraits are full length drawings of the subjects, sometimes with a related object or accessory. They are presented on a simple, colourful background.

Profile Pics are head shots of Brickies that are fun to use as social media profile images.

The CryptoBrickie collection are all for sale on the OpenSea NFT platform and come with downloadable printables.

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