Artist Statement

A few words from the artist

Artist Statement

A few words from the Artist NRG

Influences – Pop Art | Street Art | Andy Warhol | Jeff Koons

I have been making art (drawing, painting and sculpting) for as long as I can remember. From when I could crawl under furniture and draw on the walls of my parents’ house as a two-year-old, I’ve been compelled to create.

I enjoy illustrating people, places, and objects I have an emotional connection with, and using line and colour to strongly define my subjects.

An inescapable tendency toward realism informs my art at the same time as I aim to excite viewers with the use of bold colour and line.

Current work

My current works are created using Adobe Illustrator software in vector format. The algorithmic nature of vector-created images means my art can be scaled and printed in any size, retaining detail and image integrity.

Originally I started using Illustrator to create idea prototypes, but found the software very satisfying as an art medium. It allows me to create finer detail in my art than is possible with traditional painting.

Currently, I am exploring the medium of NFTs.  Some of my art collections can be found on Ethereum and Solana blockchain marketplaces.

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