The artist NRG appreciates a quality alcoholic beverage. The Booze Collection is an illustrated collection of her favourite imbibements, deconstructed.

Time for a Drink!


‘Mother’ is a series of three illustrations exploring the global pervasiveness of consumerism

Hi Mom

Colour Life

Illustrations from NRG’s life drawing sessions over many years, bringing her pencil studies to life in pop art style.

Choose Life!


Here are my favourites right now.

Hope you like them too!

Show Me
Just for the Taste of It


Building brand name brick creations has been a lifelong hobby, as has drawing the little figs in various forms. This is my take on celebrity meets toys.

Play Time!


The Nature Collection, available on Foundation, explores nature in the urban environment.

Nature finds a way to take hold, even in the hot concrete streets of the city. A keen eye can also find the beauty of nature in unexpected places.


My Garden

I have a private garden on the rooftop of my apartment in Phnom Penh, Cambodia. It’s my fortress of solitude from the stress of living in a busy Asian city. There’s a symbiosis between me and my plants – I grow and look after them, and they give me a healthy dose of nature on a daily basis.

Chill Out


Everyday objects as objets d’art. Packaging as art. The pervasive worship of consumerism.

These are concepts often explored by pop artists. In the Localised collection, I explore the localisation of global brands in Cambodia, where I currently live.

Take a Trip

Hens of H=N

Originally created as a tribute to the hic et nunc network, the hens are now homeless after the artist grew frustrated with the user experience and contract issues on the popular marketplace.

Cluck Me

Other Stuff

Sometimes the most random things take my fancy and I have to draw them…

Surprise Me