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Vice President Harris

Politics Series

The Politics Series are portraits of notable people in politics.

Vice President Harris is a portrait of the 49th Vice President of the United States - Kamala Harris. She sets a number of firsts in American politics – the first woman in the office of VP, the first African American and the first Asian American VP.

This artwork is inspired by the controversial February 2021 edition of Vogue Magazine. Originally the magazine went to print with an image of the VP in her trademark casual business look of suit top, casual pants and Converse sneakers. Her style is ground-breaking for businesswomen, however the magazine was subject to backlash for being disrespectful of a woman who has achieved such high office. The magazine was also called out for lightening her skin, and subsequently released an updated digital cover featuring Harris arms crossed in a powder-blue suit.

The background colour of Vice President Harris is taken from the satin fabric backdrop of the Vogue cover and she wears her American Flag lapel pin.

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