NRG, 2022

The Pop Cocktails Collection

The Margarita is an all-time favourite cocktail, originating in Mexico. It's name translates to 'daisy' in Spanish. This popular drink can be enjoyed in a variety of ways from an accompaniment to a spicy Mexican meal to livening up a party to sipping on the beach or poolside.

While there are a number of variations of this cocktail, and some like to use their own sugar syrup, the International Bartenders Association specifies the correct way to make a Margarita as 50m Tequila (a great all round quality tequila is Jose Cueva) 20ml triple sec (NRG prefers Cointreau) and 15ml lime juice. These are shaken in an ice-filled shaker and strained into a salt-rimmed Margarita or Cocktail glass and garnished with a slice of lime.

Margarita is 4500×4500 pixels 1/1 hand drawn vector illustration using Adobe Illustrator.

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