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Jessica as Lucille Bluth

Actors Series

The Actors Series features portraits of famous actors in some of their most recognisable forms.

Jessica Walton’s comic genius was perhaps never more splendid than in her role as Lucille Bluth, matriarch of the dysfunctional Bluth Family in the cult TV series Arrested Development. The witty, calculating and manipulative socialite is rarely without a drink in her hand, ready to deliver a biting judgement or comeback at anyone in her vicinity.

It’s clear that Lucille’s parenting is the source of much of her children’s disfunction from lines like: She thinks I’m too critical. That’s another fault of hers and She’d love to get at me any way she could. That’s why she’s been flirting with Gob. She’s trying to prove that she’s closer to my children than I am, but the joke’s on her, because she doesn’t know how little I care for Gob.

Jessica’s comic timing made Lucille one of the shows (and my) favorite characters.

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