Lunch at Kampot Pie and Ice Cream Palace

NRG, 2021


This streetscape is very special to me as it's a family portrait from a holiday in October 2021 to the seaside town of Kampot, Cambodia.

The subject is a business on the riverside named Kampot Pie and Ice Cream Palace AKA as 'Mary's'. Mary is a Khmer woman and an excellent creator of pies and cakes. Her restaurant is popular with locals and tourists alike. The building itself is an excellent example of French influenced Khmer architecture, like many of the older buildings in the town.

I visited Kampot again in February 2022 and stopped for coffee and cake at Mary's. It was surprisingly exciting to be sitting under the eaves at one of the tables outside, as it felt like I had stepped inside this drawing. I looked at everything differently because I knew every detail of my surroundings - the brightly coloured (but weather beaten) market umbrellas that keep the harsh sun and heavy rain off patrons; the concrete tables and chairs moulded in the forms of wooden tree stumps and painted brown; the condiment containers stuffed with tomato sauce and mustard; the blue plastic bins under each table to dispose of paper napkins rather than let the coastal breeze catch them and blow them down the street. I knew the leaves of each pot plant, the food illustrations on the walls, the menu on the blackboard, the faded street sign advertising ice cream. I had spent weeks drawing Mary's little shop on the riverside and it felt like coming home. More so, because this artwork has been printed in large format and framed in my house. It welcomes me each time I walk in the door and reminds me of that sunny October day on the riverside in Kampot when our family was together.

Lunch at Kampot Pie and Ice Cream Palace is a vector digital drawing created in Adobe Illustrator.

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