NRG, 2022

The Uncollection

I made this drawing in October 2021 after completing an extensive streetscape drawing. While working on it, which took a number of weeks, I had some ideas and wanted to experiment with photo-realism. For awhile I admired the colours in a purple cigarette lighter on my desk when the sun shone on it, so I was excited to test out some technique ideas on the cigarette lighter as a subject.

At the same time, I had grown disillusioned with Ethereum and the Ethereum platforms. Gas fees to mint were sky-high and I saw some posts on Twitter where people were paying as much as $500 to mint. At my stage in my journey as an artist, I am not selling my works for enough to justify this initial investment. To put my art up for sale on Foundation (where I have to cover the gas fee) would have been akin to buying a $500 canvas for an oil painting with a price tag of $100.

I decided to consolidate my art across different platforms and blockchains and burn art that hadn't sold until I had a clearer idea about where I wanted to sell.

Burn was my way of burying myself in my art and getting lost in creating. It represents a turning point in several ways: a realisation that Ethereum had me cornered as an artist and that I needed to explore other NFT mediums; and that I needed to let go of some assumptions and things I thought were the "right thing to do". Creating Burn and burning NFTs was cathartic and this artwork is important to me for representing that place, time and mental space.

Burn is a vector digital illustration created exclusively in Adobe Illustrator.

not for sale