NRG, 2022

The Pop Cocktails Collection

JägerBomb represents either the start of a fun night, the middle of an evening where you are definitely not going home at midnight or the first of a series of regrettable decisions. Anything can happen when a friend orders a round of JägerBombs. The artwork portrays a bottle of German imported Jägermeister and a can of Thai Red Bull Energy Drink.

For the uninitiated, a JägerBomb is a shot of Jägermeister Herbal Liqueur dropped gently into a full rocks glass of Red Bull. The task is to quickly drink the Red Bull without disturbing the Jägermeister until the very end, when the shot glass tips over. The ‘bomb’ part is the explosion of Jägermeister mixed with Red Bull at the end.

Jägermeister is a German digestif made of 56 herbs and spices, meant to be enjoyed after a meal. The name translates to ‘Master Hunter’ and a German poem is featured on the label that translates to:

“It is the hunter's honour that he

Protects and preserves his game,

Hunts sportsmanlike, honours the

Creator in His creatures.”

In recent times this traditional drink ‘developed for and dedicated to hunters that have strong bonds with one another’ (translated from label) has become a drink of choice for party goers to rev up their evening.

JägerBomb is 4500×4500 pixels 1/1 hand drawn vector illustration using Adobe Illustrator.

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