Sovann Maccha

NRG, 2021

The Uncollection

This illustration was made for a group collaboration with the theme of 'Hybrid Creatures' that unfortunately never eventuated.

I chose the mythical South East Asian 'Sovann Maccha' (golden fish) as the subject of this piece. Sovann Maccha is a mermaid princess and considered good luck in the area of Asia I live. In Cambodian culture, the dance 'Robam Sovann Maccha' is centuries old and narrates the encounter of the monkey god, Hanuman and Sovann Maccha during Hanuman's task of building a causeway in the ocean.

In 'Sovann Maccha', the mermaid subject is wearing traditional jewellery of a Khmer dancer and holding a purple Roomchang (lotus flower).

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