Pigeon Pair

NRG, 2021

Nature Series

‘Pigeon Pair’ is the second piece in the ‘Nature’ series by NRG on Foundation. Like them or despise them, pigeons are a part of the urban landscape. They will use any crevice or protected space in buildings to build nests and breed.

From NRG’s observations, the male of a pair will often convince the female that a certain location should be chosen for a nest. He will coo and dance around as part of this decision-making process. Once a nest is established and eggs are laid, the male and female share equal responsibility for raising their brood. Perhaps this is why these birds have been so successful in growing their populations…

‘Pigeon Pair’ is an illustration of a pair of pigeons resting on the artists balcony in the city centre of Phnom Penh, Cambodia. The background is a typical streetscape of this city with its unique colour palette. The scene includes a modern white apartment building, an older Khmer style apartment with ornate facades, red tiled rooves and high fences.

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